What is Gangnam Style?


What will viral marketing bring to your brand?

How long the effect gonna last?

Is it going to be short-lived?

Check these data and best practice example, find your answer now!



Lana Del Rey Born To Die BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2012

Lana Del Rey performing Born To Die in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge January 2012
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Wouldn’t you be interested in China Social Media Analysis?(Part1)

In my last post I mentioned about Sina Weibo‘s general interface and how I think it will possibly be further developed by engaging and interacting more with brands/companies and users.

This time, I am going to share some interesting data on social media environment in China.

Main Social Media Channel Growth between 06-06-2010 to 06-06-2011

The up data shows the comparison between Weibo, RenRen and Kaixin001 respecting to the users attention and the media attention during period between 06-06-2010 to 06-06-2011. Meanwhile, the data was based on 10 main cities in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Foshan, Chengdu and Tianjin).

The changing on the first graphic significantly happened at Oct.2010, after that period we can see that both RenRen and Weibo keep on growing while Kaixin001 shrink a lot on its user attention, by the end of 06-06-2011 it lost 180,000 user attention comparing with a year before 270,000. One of the main reason would possibly be the issue about the authority on Kaixin001’s brand. Since there are two Kaixin001 in the market at that time, one is real the other is fake, this makes audiences confused and tend to abundant this brand considering the safety of their own private information.

The relationship between RenRen and Sina Weibo seems not that much competitive for the moment. Because they are basically attracting different audiences. RenRen has been very clear with their goal in the market since the beginning, that is they want to be Facebook China and solidly control the student market . In the meantime, Sina Weibo’s starting point was throughout generating celebrities from different sectors, and these celebrities’ Weibo account and Weibo activities naturally become the attractive point to the public. The audiences in Sina Weibo don’t have a designed target group, in another word the audience targeting is not the priority for Sina Weibo, the interaction and celebrity impact are the priorities, which means social glue is what they are chasing for.

In this second graphic, the data is the same period but the comparison between Sina Weibo and QQzone. The reason why they have been particularly picked out is because both of them are running Weibo. Although, QQ Weibo’s register amount has been over 100 million which is much more than Sina Weibo, the marketing report shows that Sina Weibo’s users are more active than QQ’s one, which means Sina Weibo potentially has more market value than QQ.

Therefore, my questions are when you just have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter you probably know very well how to manage them, because they are different characteristics, however, when you have many similar media channels to choose, what will be your priority consideration for your business? the ROI? the impression? the interaction?

I hope these data will be helpful for people who want to engage into Chinese social media market or integrate with some social media channels in China. Your any questions will be more than welcome.

Which software, tools and platforms are you using now?

Yesterday, I created my first digital painting using an online platform called Psykopaint. A part from the joyful and exited feeling after the creation of your first digital painting work in your life, I start realising how important and dramatic is technology playing in our life nowadays.

While experiencing the explosion of digital technology, did we ever think about what these changes are going to lead us to? When every creative mind can use some platforms like Psykopaint or else, then what’s the point or say difference between professional and amateurish? Since all the digital technologies are equally open to everyone, then is there going to be a clear boundaries between different occupations like designers, photographers, painters and graphic designers or there will be more and more acquisition? Should we re-define the industry competition as the competition in technology instead of competition in talents?

Also, to digital marketing it seems the fascinating combination of different apps, platforms or digital media tools become decidedly important. I admit that bid management is very attractive to me in terms of the mathematics logic and psychological challenge, however, quality score is special in a way of its innovative content and creative possibilities. Both of bid and quality score will rely on digital tools, platforms, and I believe the biggest difference in this competition will be whose tools, platforms are more efficient and revolutionary. Which software, tools or platforms are you using now for your bid management and quality score measurement?

Where Did I Start My PPC?

I’ve been planning a lot to write about my Internship in GO-optimisation, however I have to say it is not easy to make a conclusion at the moment. Because the time isn’t right, which means I need time to logically and objectively review this experience. Therefore, I decide to put some photos I’ve worked on for GO. I also believe these images in some way can represent my feeling about this moth’s experience in a more direct view.

I will update my internship review and PPC beginner review soon.

Will “Chinese style SEO” be interesting to you?


Image via Wikipedia

This is just a quick post about an article I’ve read in Mashable.com. It is an article about Fackbook of China – Renren Set for $5 Billion IPO. Renren as China’s most efficient, biggest real-name social network has listed its shares on The New York Stock Exchange on Wed.

I believe it has been very obvious that the social media marketing rules between China and the rest part of the world are different. Although a lot of people work on analysing the difference in order to find out a solution for their business better performance in this growing market, personally I don’t think it is an efficient way to do so. However, I do believe if we can compare Renren’s biggest competitor in China – Kaixin, which entered the Chinese social media market earlier than Renren, and figure out why Renren grows dramatically faster than Kaixin, what element in this competition play a fundamental role, then we will be more efficient on finding the right strategy to engaging with Chinese social media market.

I will post on some more analysis on not only Chinese social media comparison but also on PPC optimisation.

I am also interested in your opinion on this topic.

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